Essential Gardening Workshop

Learn To Grow Series

BLOOM BUDDY presents a workshop packed with essential gardening tips for GROWING YOUR HOME GARDEN - by Organic Gardening Expert Ms Anu Ganapathy.

This workshop was our effort to inspire people towards a healthier and greener tomorrow. We ingest a lot of harmful chemicals everyday consuming fruits & vegetables that are grown inorganically. This workshop was an introduction to different methods of growing, starting and maintaining kitchen gardens and easy ways to grow your own vegetables and herbs.

The workshop introduced different growing mediums, containers & supports required for different plants. It also provided an insight into various sowing methods, balancing plant nutrition, harvesting of produce, pest and disease management and how to get the most out of your green patch. This workshop was the first of a series of workshops with the single motive to inspire people to a greener tomorrow.

We look forward to welcoming you to many more BLOOM BUDDY’S Learn to Grow Series! Happy Gardening!

About Anu Ganapathy

Anu Ganapathy was an HR executive at an MNC in the US. Moving to Bangalore she is now a full time gardener tending her beautiful and resourceful kitchen garden. She is a passionate and an inspiring organic gardener always willing to share her knowledge and expertise.

Anu says, “ I started with home composting and then I did not know what to do with all the compost. So I started growing plants because thats the next natural step.” Now she has over 500 plants ranging from wide variety of herbs & vegetables to fruits. She gets most of her vegetables and ingredients for her home from her own garden.

Anu adds’ “The main objective is to help people start organic farming. Organic gardening is important especially in today’s times because we see people add chemicals to hasten the process as everything takes time to grow”.