Home Garden Fertilizers for Plants

At Rajshree Biosolutions we understand that an average Indian householder has many demands upon their free time and, as such, our efforts are aimed at making their pursuits with gardening as simple, productive and hassle free as possible. Bloom Buddy is a product range that shows our passion and commitment toward making home gardening sustainable, eco-friendly and - above all - a fun hobby that is fulfilling and fruitful. Maintaining a kitchen garden in Indian cities today is no walk in the park, with rising pollution levels and a challenging climate that is mostly dry and inhospitable. Bloom Buddy is a brand with a team of dedicated botanists, microbiologists and scientists who work zealously to not only meet the requirements, but exceed the expectations, of the Indian city gardener.

Our products have been made as a result of rigorous study into the needs of our potential customers, ranging from: horticulturist who are active in the field 24-7; housewives, who want to provide fresh organic fruits and vegetables for their families; and working professionals, who want to take up gardening in their spare time. Through extensive surveys and interviews we captured the requirements of each, and used this information to carefully design our product portfolio, which is easy to use, effective and capable of assuring quality produce. Our product assortment is a one stop solution to all your gardening needs. It has been certified organic by Control Union: a certification that assures rigorous compliance to standards prescribed.

We, at Rajshree, have accumulated experience and expertise over a period of 30 years in the Agro industry and we have always considered the farmer to be the most important stakeholder. His needs, wants, and aspirations have always driven our policy and decision-making process. Similarly, when we created Bloom Buddy, we leveraged our knowledge and expertise to give the urban gardener not just another utility, but a friend and companion that can ensure his time, effort and toil come to fruition in the form of a garden whose fecund ecosystem with healthy soil composition yields a rich bounty of blooming flowers and fresh edible produce.